My business shows and events blend a corporate message with magic. So the message I bring in might be on becoming fearless. These life-changing messages can help you improve professionally. You can walk fearless into that corporate arena, get that next sale, and progress with your business. If you’re not progressing, your competition is. Bringing back that belief in magic WILL help you in the corporate world. Magic will help you believe anything is possible, it will put the wonder back in your life,help you find that passion once again for your business so you can achieve your goals.

Can magic teach people to be fearless?

After I walked on glass with bare feet in a show, a man came up to me and admitted he was afraid to do something, and suddenly realized it wasn’t anywhere as difficult as walking on glass! There’s risk and reward in everything you do. When I learned the trick of fire-eating, I knew I was going to get burned a bit learning how. Just now, doing the cover shoot for BizNOW, I burned my thumb a bit. But once you master something, it’s far more rewarding than the initial risk

How can we become fearless in the business world?

Fear is something we learn. Kids are fearless; until they witness someone struggling or have a bad experience, they don’t even know failure is possible. And then we become more cautious in life as we get older. What I want people to realize through my tricks is that anything is possible, take the limits off. You can ‘eat fire’ or land that big account, you can start a business, get to the next level, you can accomplish your dreams. And with the absence of fear we become limitless.

Your Shows often contain a business-related message. Talk about that.

Advice for an aspiring magician or business person?

In any profession, you need to learn confidence, how to talk to people, how to interact, and how to read people. If you start out learning tricks of the trade first, you’ll fail. That’s true for any business, you can’t trick your audience. 

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