In the last 17 years, my interest in performing magic tricks and fooling people turned into a passion for engaging with my audience and creating moments of wonder. I had to learn to first get my audience to care about the "tricks" I was doing, and only then was it possible to create moments of Magic. With this idea magic is no longer just for kids, it has proven to be a long-lasting experience talked about resulting in getting rebooked multiple years in a row. When you invite me to your event you're not getting a product, but instead, a relationship built on years of experience, trust, and commitment to your brand and reputation.


I also understand that a Magician is not ideal for every event. My primary goal when starting this company was to provide something special, and with that in mind, I have built a team of performers I stand behind. Along with magicians we also have comedians, hypnotists, and musical talent. 

Centrally Located in Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Customer Raves

My Story

"We haven’t had a date night in a while and Travis reminded us what it’s like to leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself in fun, laughter, and magic!! The tricks were amazing and the interaction was priceless! Already looking forward to seeing another show and more of what he has up his sleeve!!"

– N. Grandshaw  2/6/2021


Thank you, Travis, for a memorable company party! Everyone loved the magic -absolutely amazing! We were totally mesmerized.

–  Time Management Systems 1/14/2019


"This close-up magic show was the best I've ever seen! Not only was Travis funny and quick-witted, the tricks were also captivating and puzzling. I would highly recommend him-- We had a blast."

– R. Duvall  8/23/2017